I began my physical training as a tiny uncoordinated gymnast, but somehow for 13 years I managed to compete successfully in the UK. Luckily now all my awkward gymnastics flaws can be wonderfully exploited in this ridiculous circus world I’ve landed in.

Despite never loosing my energetic love for jumping, flipping, and cartwheeling around, I somehow managed to find the patience to study as a hand balancer in DOCH (Dans och Cirkushögskolan, Stockholm). And I'm currently working on a more free moving and dynamic vocabulary on my hands.


I'm charmed by expression, physicality, imagination and ingenuity and I’m so grateful to all the crazy brained geniuses I’ve encountered on my way so far. It's been an upside down experience, full of bizarrely upside down brain power and I look forward to many collaborations and projects that will follow.